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Countryside Care Revival

DDA have been involved with Dorset Wildlife Trust through their Corporate Membership since 2004 sponsored by CCC National committee and are currently attempting to rejoin after the ‘Covid’ shutdown. All C.&C.Club members are welcome to participate in Dorset D.A. Countryside Care activities.

Nationally the Wildlife Trust Charities provide an ‘umbrella’ for Care and Conservation of all forms of Wildlife on ‘land sea and air’ for our Camping and Country Environment we enjoy. This environment is being Destroyed by:- Global Warming- Pollution - & uncaring individuals. Is it time we all took a look at our contributions to care for the countryside.? The following link is to National Wildlife trust. With an introduction to their President : His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. National wildlife trust Many of our members are already involved with Wildlife Care at home. We like them have a well stocked bird table, 6 buddleia (butterfly) bushes, hedgehog runs between neighbours, squirrel feeders and flowers for the pollinators . Every little helps,combined with recycling and reducing our carbon footprint are positive step towards conservation of our environment. Wildlife charities in the area run conservation volunteer groups to restore habitats and manage the protection of wildlife fauna and flora in the area,for us to enjoy in our camping lives. If you want to know more click the next link. Dorset wildlife trust